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Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Things You Never Knew About Coffee

 A cup of coffee is part of your life some peoples morning routine. I think you most  probably know thow to make the perfect coffee for  drink. Anyway there is  a good chance you don’t know the 9 coffee facts which is  listed below. Seriously  reading it to educate yourself about that caffeinated beverage which is  you know and love.


1.) Trade in your daily coffee for a week at the beach.

Lots of people in the World have pricey coffee habits. If you buy one basic, brewed coffee every weekday morning, you’ll spend about $360 a year. For expensive lattes, which cost about $5 each, your yearly total will be about $1300. That money could go toward a vacation.

3.) When brewing, never boil.
The coffee that you purchase or make at home is always steaming hot at first. However, it is never boiling. That’s because boiling coffee results in an unappealing, cooked taste. All commercial coffeemakers heat the brewing water to just under the boiling point.
4.) Americans have nothing on the Fins.
Coffee drinking is big in the United States, with more than half of adults drinking at least one cup each day. That isn’t nearly as impressive as statistics in other countries. Finland drinks the most coffee; there, consumption averages to five cups each day for every adult!
5.) Go light for extra kick.
Most people think that dark-roasted coffees contain the most caffeine. This isn’t true. In fact, the lightest roasts have the most caffeine. Lighter roasts aren’t subjected to high heat for very long amounts of time, and heat is what breaks down caffeine molecules.
6.) Coffee plants age well.
The average coffee shrub lives to be 70 years old! A plant starts producing viable berries when it’s about five years old. From then on, coffee plants continually make new berries until they reach old age.
7.) The more beans the better.
Actually, more beans are required in many cases. It takes about 40 coffee beans to make just one shot of espresso! When you consider that each bean was picked from its berry by hand, dried, roasted, packaged, and ground, a lot of time went into that little drink!
8.) Ground isn’t always good.
Don’t buy your coffee in ground form if you have the means to grind it yourself. Many companies add chicory or ground peas to coffee grinds to reduce costs.
9.) Coffee can lead to sports bans.
In the Olympics and other high-profile events, drinking too many cups of coffee in a row could get you banned from competition. The high caffeine content is considered a performance enhancer.By-Gourmetfood


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